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My Story

Elevation Wholeness was founded by Toni Whitehead in February 2021 during a transitional period in her life. Her career path took her into Youth Development, Youth Ministry and Community work for 19 years. 

At 41, Toni found herself battling with Depression, Anxiety and Trauma. Through her healing journey she found solace by walking and eating healthy. She began to incorporate meditation, gardening and reading personal development books. 

This wife and mother of six was forced to take some time to care for herself and so birthed Faith Fab Fit, a walking club for women. The journey wasn't easy, but her children were the driving force for wellness. 

Today, Toni is a champion for all women's wellness and has created a wHolistic approach to support women around the world through Elevation Wholeness with Herbal teas, Coaching and her written books. 

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