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3 Day Reset


Your cleanse is made using a cold press juicer, fresh ingredients, and locally created. Day 1- Sugar Detox apple, cucumbers, parsley, spinach, kale, celery, lemon, ginger root. Day 2- Colon Cleanse beets, carrots, pears, celery, cucumber, apples, ginger, lemons. Day 3- Kidney Flush apples, beets, celery, spinach, cucumber, lemon, tomatoes, carrots and swiss chard. Keep juice refrigerated and use within 3 days. Please discard after 3 days. Freeze for 12-16 months. *Instructions: Store your 64 ounce juice in the refrigerator and consume 1, 8oz cup of juice every hour for 8 hours and an 8oz cup of water every 30 minutes. (Example: 8am 8oz juice, 8:30am 8 oz water) Congratulations!! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy a clean meal of approximately 6-8 ounces of lean protein and half the plate of green vegetables. (Example: white fish or chicken) *Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. *Avoid starches and processed foods. Enjoy your evening with a cup of Elevation Wholeness ginger tea or herbal tea!

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